Happy Halloween!

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I had to wake up LM from his nap in order for him to go trick-or-treating. He was not having it. He was so cranky and made a fuss the entire time I put on his Spider Man costume. Once he went outside and saw all the other trick-or-treaters, he was much better. We only made it to 3 houses when I realized he was shivering. Off DH had to go to get LM his coat.

One thing about homes in the neighborhood, they all have steps. Up and down the steps we went... from one house to another. He enjoyed ringing the doorbell and softly saying "Trick-or-Treat." One house even gave away books! What a novel idea... and great for those with little ones who are building their library.
Happy Halloween!

DH had started giving out candy while I was getting LM ready. We were closed for shop for about 30-45 minutes before DH decided he should get back to the house and hand out more candy. We decided walking 2 blocks, on both sides, was enough candy for LM. It started sleeting when we were almost done! Can you believe it? Sleeting!

LM and I made it home in time to help finish handing out candy. At one point, we were running very low. I had to scramble in the house to see what else we had to supplement the treats. I told DH I didn't think he bought enough candy.
At the end, we had a healthy number of trick-or-treaters and know for next year that we have to be prepared with more candy. LM enjoyed himself... especially the candy! BGD and I will probably stay home while LM and DH go out for trick-or-treating fun.



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