Happy Birthday, Lil Man!

Posted by ROC Mummy on 3:48 PM
Lil Man celebrated his birthday on October 23. The day began with a very happy and smiling LM. We got him ready for his music class. He was all smiles. It happened to be the same day that the music program was also celebrating its anniversary. They served cupcakes. LM got sweets before his cake.

After a little while, we got him to take a nap so that we could decorate the basement. It turns out the basement is a good place to have a party. You can make all the mess you want and it's easy to clean up compared to the rest of the house.

DH was in DC for a few days before and arrived home late the night before. We decided to have a later party from 4-6PM. Rich, Steve, Vickie, Lauren, Jody, and Lizzie and her parents came. We had a Thomas Carnival themed cake, pizza, and buffalo wings from Savatore's. There was lots of food left.

LM was a bit confused about who wished whom a "Happy Birthday." When his guests arrived he greeted them with a loud "Happy Birthday!" He loved the balloons. I bought 3 big ones and a all-in-one pack of decorations that included about 22 pieces of items from streamers to hanging decor. 

LM had a great time opening his presents. He would grab each one and open them in his tent. He's slowly playing through all of them. He's been taking pictures with his camera a lot. 

Another successful birthday party... the last person left around 10PM. I'm sure next year we'll end up inviting more children and it may be even more chaotic.



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