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This Web site about nothing in particular is owned and maintained by me, ROC Mummy, for purely self-indulgent reasons. It's an outlet for my creative side, as well as for reminding me what I did yesterday. My life revolves around Sir Cranky Pants, a.k.a. Prince Party Baby, a.k.a. ROC Baby. Thank goodness for my loving husband who anchors me and keeps me sane. Being a Mommy and Wife doesn't provide half the opportunities to blog as yesteryears. On the other hand, it is a way better job, even when you consider the diapers.


Me: ENTJ, a Fieldmarshal. Loves good music. Really loves television. Avid photographer. Sports enthusiasts. Runs after baby. Tech geek. Queen of ideas. Master's in events management. Writes and edits marketing copy. Social media guru.

ROC Daddy: aka The Most Awesome Husband. Web Strategist. Best promoter of Rochester, NY. Our own personal chef. In charge of shower time routine. Fantastic dad.

ROC Baby: Unbearably cute and brilliant progeny of ROC Daddy and me. Interrupting our television watching since October 2007.

Frequent topics include:

  • Is the baby breathing?
  • Did you pack the diapers? … the bottle? … bib? … toys?
  • Can you dress the baby?
  • What are we going to feed the baby? (i.e. What are we having for dinner?)
  • Rock Band night?
  • Can you get the baby?
  • What’s the baby saying?
  • Is there something in his mouth?!?!
  • What part of “no” did you not understand? (to the baby)

Thanks for visiting.



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