Thanksgiving 2010 Weekend

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What a relaxing, yet busy, weekend! DH cooked a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, couscous, mash potatoes, asparagus, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and homemade apple crisp.
2010 Turkey

cooking begins!
the feast

We all promptly took a nap while watching the NFL game after dinner. We started a fire in the fireplace for the first time. The fire and wood crackled and danced. Beautiful.

We didn't participate in Black Friday this year. There wasn't anything really enticing that we needed that was worth us getting up that early. Instead, we went shopping for a Christmas tree that night. We found a beautiful 7.5' tree and decorated it the next day.



The Greatest Show on Earth

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We went to the circus this past weekend. LM enjoyed all the acts. He was well behaved until the last 20 minutes. He started getting restless. I enjoyed the upside-down act the most. How in the world did they do that? I don't know if it's because of the animal cruelty protests, but I noticed that there were more human talent acts than there were animal talent acts. Either way, the animals are super smart and the costumes are beautiful.


Happy Halloween!

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I had to wake up LM from his nap in order for him to go trick-or-treating. He was not having it. He was so cranky and made a fuss the entire time I put on his Spider Man costume. Once he went outside and saw all the other trick-or-treaters, he was much better. We only made it to 3 houses when I realized he was shivering. Off DH had to go to get LM his coat.

One thing about homes in the neighborhood, they all have steps. Up and down the steps we went... from one house to another. He enjoyed ringing the doorbell and softly saying "Trick-or-Treat." One house even gave away books! What a novel idea... and great for those with little ones who are building their library.
Happy Halloween!

DH had started giving out candy while I was getting LM ready. We were closed for shop for about 30-45 minutes before DH decided he should get back to the house and hand out more candy. We decided walking 2 blocks, on both sides, was enough candy for LM. It started sleeting when we were almost done! Can you believe it? Sleeting!

LM and I made it home in time to help finish handing out candy. At one point, we were running very low. I had to scramble in the house to see what else we had to supplement the treats. I told DH I didn't think he bought enough candy.
At the end, we had a healthy number of trick-or-treaters and know for next year that we have to be prepared with more candy. LM enjoyed himself... especially the candy! BGD and I will probably stay home while LM and DH go out for trick-or-treating fun.


Happy Birthday, Lil Man!

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Lil Man celebrated his birthday on October 23. The day began with a very happy and smiling LM. We got him ready for his music class. He was all smiles. It happened to be the same day that the music program was also celebrating its anniversary. They served cupcakes. LM got sweets before his cake.

After a little while, we got him to take a nap so that we could decorate the basement. It turns out the basement is a good place to have a party. You can make all the mess you want and it's easy to clean up compared to the rest of the house.

DH was in DC for a few days before and arrived home late the night before. We decided to have a later party from 4-6PM. Rich, Steve, Vickie, Lauren, Jody, and Lizzie and her parents came. We had a Thomas Carnival themed cake, pizza, and buffalo wings from Savatore's. There was lots of food left.

LM was a bit confused about who wished whom a "Happy Birthday." When his guests arrived he greeted them with a loud "Happy Birthday!" He loved the balloons. I bought 3 big ones and a all-in-one pack of decorations that included about 22 pieces of items from streamers to hanging decor. 

LM had a great time opening his presents. He would grab each one and open them in his tent. He's slowly playing through all of them. He's been taking pictures with his camera a lot. 

Another successful birthday party... the last person left around 10PM. I'm sure next year we'll end up inviting more children and it may be even more chaotic.


Summer's End

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This past weekend, we had family come and visit us. K, D, & M came to see us and Grammy, who's here for most of the month. We went to the 2nd to the last home game for the Red Wings. The weather was quite chilly. We stayed for the fireworks... little did we know we'd have to go into a 10th inning. The Red Wings tied in the 9th, but was unable to finish off the Buffalo team.

This is Week 20. We find out the gender tomorrow. Yay!



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It's amazing how you can get an idea of what the fetus looks like, week-by-week.

Here are a few tickers to help keep track of my pregnancy and of BB's growth:

CafeMom TickersCafeMom Tickers


New Chapter

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Yes, yes. I know. I've been MIA for a while. Life's been hectic. Here's a quick summary: We bought a century-old home in the city and have been renovating it in the past few months. ROC Daddy's been doing a lot of it himself while I've been wrangling ROC Baby, who from now on should be referred to as ROC Toddler. (We're in full mode potty training.) Picking paint colors is stressful. I mean, there are so many shades of a color. You can go crazy trying to figure out the slightest shade difference.

We've had a few friends come to stay with us. We enjoy having friends come visit. It reminds us of the old days when we were in our condo and people would come over for Rock Band Nights.

And more great news... we're expecting again!


the fascinating details

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Chat with ROC Mummy

This Web site about nothing in particular is owned and maintained by me, ROC Mummy, for purely self-indulgent reasons. It's an outlet for my creative side, as well as for reminding me what I did yesterday. My life revolves around Sir Cranky Pants, a.k.a. Prince Party Baby, a.k.a. ROC Baby. Thank goodness for my loving husband who anchors me and keeps me sane. Being a Mommy and Wife doesn't provide half the opportunities to blog as yesteryears. On the other hand, it is a way better job, even when you consider the diapers.


Me: ENTJ, a Fieldmarshal. Loves good music. Really loves television. Avid photographer. Sports enthusiasts. Runs after baby. Tech geek. Queen of ideas. Master's in events management. Writes and edits marketing copy. Social media guru.

ROC Daddy: aka The Most Awesome Husband. Web Strategist. Best promoter of Rochester, NY. Our own personal chef. In charge of shower time routine. Fantastic dad.

ROC Baby: Unbearably cute and brilliant progeny of ROC Daddy and me. Interrupting our television watching since October 2007.

Frequent topics include:

  • Is the baby breathing?
  • Did you pack the diapers? … the bottle? … bib? … toys?
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Thanks for visiting.


ROC Daddy Got Us Special Tix

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TO's Tweeter Section

We arrived at the school where we rode the bus to training camp around 5:45. ROC baby loves riding the bus! He gets so excited and happily squeals, "Bus! Bus! Bus!" Everyone within hearing smiles and laughs. ROC baby sees the big kids at daycare ride off in the school bus in the mornings. It's one of the highlights of his room's day.

Once we arrived at training camp, the table that posed as the "box office" was right in front of the bus. Convenient. We made our way through the merchandise tent and to the special TO Tweeter section. We were one of the first to arrive. We sat right up front. There was a die-hard fan with the Billy helmet, #1 hand, and the new TO cereal box already there in our row. He was the self-designated section leader.

Once TO came out on the field, he looked over to his section and smile and nodded. Every time he caught a ball, the crowd went wild. ROC Baby enjoyed training camp... the first few hours. Who wouldn't enjoy riding on his daddy's shoulders and being taken around through all the fun stuff for the fans and getting the free footballs and magnets? And let's not forget the free Buffalo Bills ice cream tasting and cookies! It was during the last hours that he became restless and was a major handful. ROC Daddy and I took turns walking him around the campus and letting him run around and play with his footballs and explore. Finally, when training camp was over and the 50th anniversary festivities began, ROC Baby calmed down to see what all the commotion was about. A marching band played a few numbers, the Bills unveiled their new uniforms, and finally, the fireworks were launched!

Many people stayed until the end. It was not a surprised that the lines for the buses were long. We wanted a few buses rotate through before it was our turn. Every time a bus pulled forward ROC Baby would say "Go. Bus." And we would have to keep telling him, "It's not our turn. Soon." Needless to say, by the time we got to our car, he was out.


Training Camp in Full Swing

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DH got tickets to not only the awesome training camp tonight, but tickets to the special TO's Tweeter section! Great celebration after the training... will post with photos... hope you guys like this new layout!


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